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25 kg bag

Cut roving ER 5001, produced in the form of cut bands with the length of 3,0 mm and the elementary fibre diameter of 15 µm.

Packaging – bag 25 kg.

Product Description

It is produced in the form of cut bands with a length of 3,0 mm.

The cut bands are well integrated, do not electrify, which prevents caking and facilitates good decomposition in the mixing process.

In the preparation applied to the fibre surface, amino-silane has been used as a chemically active agent responsible for chemical affinity.

The silane preparation makes these products suitable for the manufacture of DMC, BMC with unsaturated polyester resins.

These fibres are resistant to colour change at elevated temperatures.

Cut bands are designed to strengthen thermoplastics, mainly polyamides, as well as phenolic plastics by injection and extrusion methods.


  • Kind of glass – E,
  • Length of cut roving sections – 3,0 mm,
  • Kind of preparation in roving – silane,
  • Bulk density – 360-580 kg/m3,
  • Elementary fibre diameter – 13-15 µm.

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25 kg bag


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