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ENGUARD BP 72 A – Multi Purpose Bonding Paste


bucket 20 kg

ENGUARD BP 72 A is a bonding paste based on semi-rigid unsaturated polyester resin.

  • Density – 1,2 kg/dm3.
  • Linear shrinkage – 2 %.
  • Hardening time at 20°C, 2% MEKP – 3 hours.
  • Gel time at 23°C, 2,0 % Butanox M-50 – 10 minutes.

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Product Description

ENGUARD BP 72 A is a pre-accelerated bonding paste based on unsaturated polyester resin, with good mechanical properties.

ENGUARD BP 72 A has a low filler content and a high thixotropy level avoiding sagging and making application easy.

ENGUARD BP 72 A is used for adhesion of polyester laminates and/or adhesion of polyester laminates to balsa, PVC or PU foam in sandwich structures.

High mechanical strength, high impact resistance and elasticity are characteristic for ENGUARD BP 72 A.

Recommended thickness of bonding paste is 0,3-3,0 mm.

Humidity below 70%.

Surfaces to be bonded must be cleaned.

Shelf life of bonding paste is 5 months from the day of manufacture.

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bucket 20 kg

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