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1 l, 5 l

Frekote 44-NC is a special anti-adhesion agent for separating various kinds of polyester composites, excellent for mat and structural surfaces.

Volume – 1 liter, 5 liters.


Product Description

Frekote 44-NC is a semi-permanent polymer separator for multiple separation without transfer. It can be used for gelcoat polyester moulds, metal moulds, glass, carbon and aramid fibre reinforced composite products, as well as for RTM and vacuum technology.Excellent for matt and structural surfaces.


  • maximum use of the mould,
  • no agent transfer to the product,
  • simple application,
  • no buildups,
  • low costs of mould conservation.

Application temperature – 15-60°C.

Curing time of particular layers, at room temperature – 15 minutes.

Curing time at room temperature – 180 minutes.

Thermal stability – 400°C.

Volume – 1 liter, 5 liters.

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1 l, 5 l

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