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POLARIS 7132-19-B


10 kg, 20 kg, 5 kg, 50 kg, barrel 220 kg

POLARIS 7132-19-B is a isophthalic polyester resin, non-thixotropic, pre-accelerated, acryl modificated.

  • HDT – 91 °C (2h at 70°C + 1h at 90°C + 2h at 135°C),
  • HDT – 120 °C (2h at 80°C),
  • Viscosity, 25°C, Brookfield (RVT, sp2, 10rpm) – 550 mPas,
  • Geltime at 25°C (1,25% MEKP) – 20 min,
  • Peak exotherm at 25°C  (1,0% MEKP) – 195°C.

Product Description

POLARIS 7132-19-B is a UV stabilised, pre-accelerated, non-thixotropic, acrylic modified unsaturated polyester resin based on isophthalic acid and neopentyl glycol. POLARIS 7132-19-B resin has good air release properties, excellent mechanical properties and a very high heat deflection temperature.

POLARIS 7132-19-B resin is especially recommended for casting of solid surface products and due to good air release properties, gives void free castings under vacuum. POLARIS 7132-19-B resin can be used for producing kitchen tables, service desks, wall tiles, windowsills etc. The resin gives final products excellent mechanical properties, very good heat resistance and excellent stain resistance.

POLARIS 7132-19-B resin exceeds ANSI 124.6 testing standards including stain and thermal shock testing. To achieve optimum stain resistance properties, postcuring at 80 °C for 4 hours is needed.


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