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4 l

Eco-friendly, versatile, odourless and emission-free release agent for repeated moulding.

Volume – 4 liters.


Product Description

Enviroshield is a versatile, odourless and emission-free release agent specifically designed to meet the requirements of “Green Chemistry” worldwide.

The product provides exceptional performance when used after the Sealer GP coating.

The polymer resin microlayer prevents deposits from accumulating on the mould, and the high slippage allows rapid demoulding.

Combination of Enviroshield with other water-based Zyvax agents such as: Waterclean, Sealproof, Sealbrite and Silvershield 320 completely eliminates the need for solvents and alcohols in the cleaning and sealing of the mould surface and in the execution of the separating coating.


  • safe to the environment,
  • odourless,
  • no solvents or alcohol,
  • thermally stable,
  • providing high gloss, high slippage
  • quick curing,
  • not accumulating in the mould (does not create concretions),
  • non-combustible

Volume – 4 liters.

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4 l

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